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Hey! My name's Avery, but you can call me Ave. Here's a little bit about myself: I'm a freelancer, I've been editing videos, photos, & music/audio for over 6 years and have been freelancing for 3. Over the years my passion for filmmaking has only grown and I've worked with a wide range of clients, from Instagram influencers to companies. My promise to you is to create an amazing video for you, one that you're proud to show your clients and friends.

Looking forward to working together!



Years of experience

I've been editing videos and photos since 2015 (7 years) and over the years improved my skills, worked on 100s of different projects, and received 100s of reviews from people all over the world. I've also gained a deep understanding of the programs listed in the 'Equipment & Specs' section.

Fast delivery

Custom pricing

I'm a fast and hard worker, so I will finish your video in nominal time, but in the best quality possible. However, if you're unhappy with anything in the video I'll produce, you're in luck!

I provide unlimited revisions, so if there's anything you don't like, it can be changed until you're happy with it.

Unlike most freelancers, I charge according to your needs, (length of video, color grading? music? SFX? etc) so the price of your video will be reasonable and minimal.





1. Once you have contacted me we will discuss your project. We can do so using any type of messaging platform, or even an online meeting if you'd like.

2. Once we have thoroughly discussed your project, I'll provide you with the best way to transfer your footage to me and the first half of the payment will be done.


3. I will then begin the editing process and over time send you samples of the final video in order for you to get the maximum quality and liking out of the video, as well as update you on any thoughts/advice, problems, etc.


4. Once I have completed the editing process, the second half of the payment will be done, and I will go ahead and transfer the final video back to you, including the project file/s if you'd like (for no additional fee).